Later Life Advice






Introduction to later life advice 

Here at Paterson Financial Planning, we understand that receiving financial advice can be a daunting and often overwhelming experience, this is particularly true when it comes to planning in later life.

There are many different complex decisions for you and your loved one to consider. Is the will up to date so that assets will be distributed in accordance with their wishes? If your loved one were to lose mental capacity, is there a power of attorney in place to allow financial and health decisions to made on their behalf? Where will the funding come from for their long-term care? Are there any alternatives, such as equity release and would this be the right option based on individual circumstances? When the time comes, how will the cost of their funeral be covered and what type of service would they want? Is there a potential inheritance tax liability and are there any options available to reduce or mitigate this?

We are specialists in later life planning and have over 26 years’ financial planning experience. We are here to help you make clear and informed decisions knowing that you have had the information and choices presented to you in a way that helps you make the best choices and decisions for you or for a family member.

Our aim is to help our clients and their families have a better understanding of their financial position, reduce and manage the expenses associated with later life planning and remove as much worry as we can at an already difficult and emotional time.


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